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How To Access Darknet Using TOR Easy Tutorial

I wrote this simple step by step tutorial to help people understand how to access the Darknet or Dark Internet, Darknet  is a network within the internet, but it's not not possible to access normally using your browser, Darknet requests are encrypted and untraceable and it doesn't even have domain names as you know them now.

so inside TOR there is not .com/.net there is something called .onion if you write that directly into your browser nothing will show up, you need to be inside the TOR network to access hidden website, websites that form the Dark internet, another name is the Deep web.
There is everything inside the dark internet, political secrets, its the same network Anonymous hackers use, and people who leak information use, like the stuff found of WikiLeaks, it comes from there.
just before you start I want to give you an advice, Darknet can be fun and interesting, can be danger, and have many risks and fake websites that will lead you to jail if you are not a good pe…

What is Google Web Preview [BOT]?

Well if you just sow Google Web Preview on your website stats as the user agent it's a good thing, it's a web bot, a software that crawl your pages, makes pictures of them and go on it's way, so when people click that little button to preview web pages on Google search your website preview will show.

From Google help
Google updates the Instant Preview snapshot as part of our web crawling process. Google also uses the user-agent Google Web Preview (Mozilla/5.0...

How to Get Night Mode on Android Without CyanogenMod Rom

Now it's possible to get a the nice night mode that Cyanogen custom roms have on your Android phone without changing your Stock ROM or any other custom ROM you installed like MIUI.
all you need it ROOT, and there is many many rooting methods for every android phone and most of them don't require unlocking the phone bootloader or other warranty related stuff.
if you have root then simply install an application called Chainfire3d, run it and tap install drivers, your phone will reboot, then open the application again and you should find night mode settings, you can make it red, green, blue and other colors, it looks pretty cool, it saves your eyes at night, and it really save battery on LED screens like the Galaxy S2.
get it from the market for free.

Best 4 Online Radio Tuners

Everybody loves music no matter what genre or taste, here is my favorite 4 radio tuners where you can choose what genre you want, search by artist, by channel name, also news, sports and you can virtually listen to any station in the word.
This have been my home for a long time, it have nice functions, very fast, so many categories, easy to use and navigate, have a lot of stations, and also provides a nice widget for your blog/profile or website.
I don't think I need to explain about this very nice radio tuner by Winamp, it have every station, genre that you can imagine,  with so many features, you can listen online or on your own player, that makes it useful to listen on portable devices or ripping stations for later listening.
A very fast radio tuner you can search by artist and it finds stations playing that artist and keeps following them, or simply choose a genre from the nicely organized genres by date like music of the 70s/80s and more…

Xperia Play Hacks Blog

Hello dear fellows, I've launched my new Xperia Hacks Blog since I'am in love with this phone, I decided to share the hacks and tricks that I experimented with it.
Mainly it's an archive of ROMs, Kernels, News, Videos, Apps and more.
So if you are with  love with the Xperia play, make sure to bookmark it :)

Where is Boxxy?

So many people asking this question and the answer if you don't already know. Boxxy was hidden from the public for a while, now she is back, got older, and she launched her official youtube channel and a have a website too, the problem is, nobody care about her anymore. and probably you care because you are on this page right now, so here you go some resources to feed your boxxiness.

Boxxy youtube channel
Boxxy official website (Catie Wayne)
Original post about real name of Boxxy

If this is old just ignore it cuz I just knew by now.