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Where Did Boxxy Go

Sexy Catherine Wayne

Boxxy Story

Boxxy the girl that got fame in few ours and lost it few days later, in fact she didn't lose it but people scared her off the internet, Boxxy uploaded a video for a friend she played Gaia online with, an online mmorpg game, a guy posted the video on "4chan" making lots of views, pushing boxxyto the most viewed videos and driving more views.
Boxxy or also known as boxxybabee got hacked by people who stalked her, hated her, though she is annoying, she disappeared from the internet, no more information or where did she go, and there have been also rumors or true facts about her deathnobody knows but there is nothing on the news about her death, her disappearance or her internet life.

Is Boxxy Dead?

There have been lot of rumors on twitter, Facebook and the web but not on the news, and someone posted a picture of an online news paper stating that the real name of boxxy or boxxybabee is Cathrine Gomez and that she lives on roseville and that she got killed at her home, anyway the one who posted the screenshot of the news also stated that it got deleted and that government deleted all information about her from Google index and other search engines and also removed her from the news, but I don't believe that journalism will just let this news slip.
Here is a text version of the picture:
Internet Celebrity Found Dead in Roseville Home
SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA - Catherin wayne, known to her friends as Cate and to millions of Internet users around the world as “Boxxy” was discovered dead in her Roseville home Monday evening.
Catherin achieved fame overnight when her YouTube videos became viral hits, reaching close to two million views before hackers took over her account and shut it down. These hackers are believed to be part of a group calling themselves Anonymous, who then posted much of her personal information including her home address on the popular web forum 4chan. Sacramento Police Department chief Rick Braziel suspects that there is a connection between the hackers and her death, but they have not disclosed any further information.
Details on Catherin's death are being withheld for the sake of police investigation while Sacramento police collaborate with the FBI in hopes of getting more information from website administrators. “These kids really get worked up into a strange fervor on sites like this,” Braziel commented, “[They] get to this point where they think they can do anything and not get caught. That will not be the case this time.”
Catherin's parents and siblings have been put into a protection program for the time being but declined to comment on their daughter's death.

Where is Boxxy now?

That's the question, where is she, what is her real name, where does she live, is she still using the internet, is she alive, or even if she forgive those who insulted her or not.
Millions of people are her stalkers trying to get any information about her and that may be explains how you found this page, with no luck, hopefully we know more about that girl soon enough to like her or hate her again but just don't leave us in pain of not knowing.


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