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Ice Cream Sandwich for Sony Xperia S (ICS ROM)

You can now enjoy ICS or Android 4 on your Sony Xperia S, exclusvly from FreeXperia team, with the new CM9 or cyanogenmod 9 .

you need unlocked bootloader.

on the beging have device conected to computer by USB
step 1 (on PC) 1.1 copy and GAPPS ADDON to sdcard
1.2 extract from the file called kernel.elf
step 2(on device) 2.1 - power off the device
2.2 - unplug usb cable
2.3 - put device in fastboot mode (volume up + power) - blue light on device

step 3 (on PC)
3.1 - flash new kernel "fastboot flash boot kernel.elf"
3.2 - reboot device "fastboot reboot"

step 4(on device) 4.1 - when FreeXperia Logo appears and amber light will be lit press several times volume key to enter recovery
4.2 - in recovery choose "INSTALL ZIP FROM SDCARD" and select (rom)
4.3 - in recovery choose "INSTALL ZIP FROM SDCARD" and select (gapps addon)
4.4 - wipe device (this is needed only i…