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Facebook like floating share bar bug at Ehow and others

I noticed this bug on websites that have a floating sidebar full of social sharing options, I though they all use the same codes or a plugin or something but I discovered it's actually a Facbook bug.
the size of an iframe with the id f13c753c as you can see on the included picture is larger then it should be, and when it's large it expends the div that it's within, and that cause the share bar to hide the entire area that is most important on a web page, the content, however this bug is affecting chrome users and it depend on the kind of button people are using in their share bars, I decided to write about it and share it because really when I go to ehow and read about withdrawal of nicotine and feeling dizzy and find this thing in front of me hiding it? that drives me angry and crazy, F*k.

How to Enter Recovery Mode on Galaxy S2

If you installed Clockworkmod recovery or any other recovery menu and want to enter that menu, completely turn off your Galaxy S2 and make sure no USB plugged on it, then hold the volume up button + Home button then after that power button, when you see the Samsung logo remove your finger from the power button but keep holding the volume up and home, Tada you are inside recovery.

Online Shops That Accept Payza as Payment

I got so tired trying to find shops that accept Payza online currency service for payment and finally I decided that I will collect what I find and put it up in a website for you guys, so I created my PayzaShop blog, enjoy.
Click the picture or the link below to access the directory of shops.
Also we recommend Lrapshop as it was one of the first shops to accept payza payment online.

Best Web design and SEO in Libya

Yep, I just wanna share my freelance company website which I am proud to label as the best SEO service in Libya, I can get you first on Google, Bing and yahoo in no time.
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Web design in Libya, Search engine optimization in Libya

Nexus Hacks Blog

I just started a Google Nexus hacks blog where I am posting mods, custom roms, kernels, apps and more and though to share the news with you.
feel free to visit it anytime.

Fix Trinity Kernel Colors on Galaxy Nexus [Better Colors]

If you just flashed trinity kernel on your Galaxy nexus you might not like the color preset that comes with it, and have no time to adjust and tweak using their tool, here is a fast solution that worked for me and though to share it with you guys.

You will need CWM, any custom rom, and Trinity kernel of course which is already installed at this point.

Download this 2 files and flash them,
Trickster Mod
Trickster Control App

You will find a new application on your list called Trickster Mod, open it and scroll to the right to the "screen" tab.

Choose a preset then click apply, personally I love the Franco preset, don't know about you.

Thanks for reading, you can share your experience in the comments below.

The files provided by bigeyes0x0 XDA member thanks to him :)

Search and Replace Multiple Files Using a PHP Script

I figured out how to search and replace a peace of code or text inside directories and sub directories using PHP when I had my websites infected with a virus that basically does a redirection and the amount of files was very huge for me to download and replace, and I had no SSH access to use any command.

You can get the code here, I posted it on pastebin for easy access to everyone.
just edit the code, it have my comments inside to help you, and save as replace.php,  then upload it and run it.

enjoy and thank me later :)