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How to Manage Your Life When You Have a Full Time Job

Having a full-time job is not something everybody can coop up with, specially if it have too much stress, no matter physically, mentally or both.
Working 8 hours and up, is almost dedicating your life to that job, and you will probably go home thinking about the job, and maybe you will not even go home and need to do some overtime work, sometimes you get paid for it, sometimes you will not because of a greedy boss, or bad management.
and you spend like 1 hour going to and back from job if it's kind of not so far, well if that's not you, then at least that's how is my life right now, you might be a little bit different, but that doesn't mean you will not get something useful out of this post, so keep on reading.

!This is not a guide on how to quite your job so read it full or don't!

Reasons why you should get a better plan for managing your time, your life.

What is The Value of Your Life?
Sometimes you don't have to stay from 7 am until midnight just because you need the money, you should consider the psychological effect on your family and loved ones, and your self of course, spending too much time away from your kids, wife, parents whatever the situation, is not a nice thing.
I think it's about time that you should realize that when your shift is over, it's time to go home.
Somebody said real hero's are those who finish job at time and go home, nobody really likes workaholics if I spelled that right, It's just not worth it, we all need money but if you have a family would you sell your family for those bonus working hours bucks, that's what are you doing, ask your wife and kids if she needs you home or your money!!! aha so she just miss you and she don't understand that she need food? nah you are a workaholic admit it, then fix it, wake up, unless you get paid 1 dollar and have to pay 10 dollars for taxes, college or whatever, and that's when it's the time to find a better paying job.

You Wont Get Rich!
You will not get rich from a full time job, it's probably just a way to pay your taxes and bills, but do your really want to spend 30% of your life working? I think it's time to consider doing a jump and leaving a spot for new comers, when you find a better job, more payment, less working hours or even your own private business, move along.
you might be on a perfectly paying, very enjoyable job, still, you need to spend time with your family and that's not an option, it's a mandatory, it's an order, by who? by your family, friends, self and this page.

Now how to Manage Your Life, in Easy Steps.

  1. Try to finish job in time and stay away from unnecessary time-wasting job activities like hanging around with teammates or chit chatting to clients more than it should be, really depends on the situation but you know what exactly I mean, yep that, the thing that you just though about.
  2. When it's time to go home, go home, you wont save the world, and you can't save it because of the bad people, and guess what, bad people are workaholics too, they do overtime evil work!, so just go home, got unfinished work? that's your boss problem, you only sign a contract that says your working hours, legally, you are right.
  3. Try not to stress your self and take your time doing your job, don't be in a hurry and don't be extremely slow and lazy, focus, don't stress and calm down.
  4. Download the time management table from here, print it out or just draw it if you don't have a printer, and check what applies tasks, sign the commitments before you can use it.
  5. Try to live according to the table you just made, if you think you can manage your life without it, then go on, it's not really about the table, it's about are you welling to change or no.
Well the good news is that you being on this page means that you are already welling to change, that means you have a chance 100% of achieving happiness to your self and your family while being a full-time employee  sometimes it's not a bout quitting your job and sticking at home, sometimes it's about harmony, balance.

Find an enjoyable part on your job, enjoy it, find all the parts of your life outside work, all of them the good and bad moments, be there, have them, have your life, you wont live twice unless your religion says so, but that's another story, do you wanna be stuck on an infinite loop, break it neo ;) ?

Warning: if any of the following apply to you, just quit:
  1. If you are physically or mentally getting abused in legal or illegal way from your boss, teammates or the tasks you do, and you are losing your health or your mind.
  2. If you are getting paid a really stupid low paycheck that you can get better than it on a part-time job, make sure you have a place before you quit, having something is better than nothing, at least until you find a new place.
  3. You are working for very long hours that you don't see your family at all, consider a change at least or ask for a fewer hours, if you are working aboard ask your boss if you can get your family with you, only if possible if not then may the force be with you, sticking away from your family for long time can be really danger, you don't live twice do you?.
  4. You reached the point that your job makes you cry.
  5. You can't take it anymore and everyday is a nightmare and there is no part of your job that is enjoyable anymore, that you would rather starve then do it, you will starve so think.
  6. Your boss, teammates or whoever you see at job everyday don't respect you and treats you like an animal, ask them to be nice then just quit if you can't take it anymore, you are human.


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