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Toxigon+ V1.0 Responsive SEO Blogger Template

Based on simple blogger template I crafted this SEO ready, responsive blogger template using CSS 3 and HTML 5.
This is a mobile screenshot, make sure to follow proper blogger settings.

Settings to get the mobile version working


Search engine optimized to avoid duplicated content, automatic meta tags and page title.Google+ authorship and Google comments ready.Customization available for colors, layout, background and fonts using blogger template editor.web fonts.rounded corners.Social bookmarking floating sharebar.Social profiles badges.Themed labels "cloud should be on, post numbers should be off for this to work".right side bar, 3 footer areas and can be customized also using template editor.Download - Preview and instructions

Do Body Wraps Actually Work?

There is no doubt that the internet is swarming with quick fixes, shortcuts, and newly revealed secrets on how to lose weight and look your best. Why spend months and months dieting and exercising when you can just take a pill and quickly shed the weight? And though we may agree that if something sounds too good to be true it likely is, still we journey on with vigilant determination. Patience is a virtue many of us are lacking, and if there is indeed a magical cure it is inevitable that we will one day find it. 

Among such instant remedies that promise immediate and amazing results are instant firming body applicators, more commonly as body wraps. Many of you have seen these incredible before and after pictures plastered all of your favorite social networking sites. These images are usually accompanied by inconceivable claims that these results were achieved in only minutes or hours. Is it possible that people could in fact experience such spectacular results in such a short period of…

Gray or black Tooth After Root Canal Treatment

I am currently having tooth root canal treatment, for the second time treating same tooth, tomorrow is my last session and final filling, and I noticed that half of my tooth turned gray, I was shocked and thinking there is something wrong, so I did a research and it turns out that tooth can turn gray after or while doing a root canal treatment, and it's because of the inside of the tooth, the outside color didn't really change but it seems gray, there is a cosmetic solution for this which makes the tooth white by bleaching it, anyway you can check the reference below.

The discoloration of the tooth after root canal treatment is a cosmetic problem, especially if the tooth is at the front of the mouth.The color of the treated tooth can vary - it could be red, brown, gray or black.The main reason for discoloration after root canal treatment is an old method of treatment of the tooth’s root.The change of the color could be visible at the time of treatment or shortly after it has …

Write my paper

Sometimes we hit a snag when there is a whole load of papers to do a very short period of time. It is the time when the entire web is combed to search for help, ideas topics or just anything that can come out as help.

While looking for help, we have to match our requests with the tone. The tone in this case comes out in the phrase used. Students have a tendency of piling up work until the deadline is close and there is a lot to be done. Desperation sets in and thus help is looked for.

Most of the sites that deal directly with issues of students other than ordinary orders do more of redirecting. Of course they receive the response but they then give the students options. The students can then click on the links they feel will serve them well.

Most of these sites are dubbed as write my paper sites. These sites share a lot of properties thus they are put together. Access is very important on the web.

There are several sites that go without being noticed, they have fewer users even if …

Vanishing Waves Movie

Vanishing Waves MovieCredits: Director: Kristina Buožytė
Running time: 120 minutes
Country: Lithuania, France, Belgium
Language: Lithuanian with English subtitles
Screenwriters: Kristina Buožytė & Bruno Samper
Cast: Marius Jampolskis, Jurga Jutaitė, Rudolfas Jansonas, Vytautas Kaniušonis, Brice Fournier, Philip Lenkowski, Martina Jablonskytė, Macej Marczewsky, Frédéric Anscombre, Frédéric Andrau, Darius Meškauskas
Creative Director: Bruno Samper
Producer: Ieva Norviliene
Cinematography: Feliksas Abrukauskas
Editor: Suzanne Fenn
Music: Peter von Poehl

2012 FantasticFest Awards Called, “One of the greatest film festivals on the face of the planet” by, Fantastic Fest in Austin,Texas announced their 2012 awards on Monday, September 24th and Vanishing Waves was a big winner, garnering:

Best Picture: Vanishing Waves (dir. Kristina Buozyte)

Best Director: Kristina Buozyte (Vanishing Waves)

Best Screenplay: Bruno Samper, Kristina Buozyte (Vanishing Waves)

Best Actress:…

How to Make Money With Money "Investing Money For Profit" Fast Ways

I will show you how to make money, but first let me explain, making money using money have another meaning called "Investing money", investing money is using the money you already have or some of it instead of it being lying around on a business that will grow it, and makes more money.

Ever hear of the term "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" ?? well it's not true, poor people can make a little bit of money by working, and you don't need to be employed the world is so huge and full of all kinds of jobs, when the poor have a little bit of money lets say $100, they can invest that by buying the reselling goods for example, and that's just another kind of investment, you invest your money and your time to get rich.

Now how to make money?

Invest directly in the Stock Market
You can make money by investing in stock market, however it can be hard or difficult, the good news is that you can read tutorials and watch videos about it, but there is a huge …

"Error changing circle memberships." on Google Plus When You Try to Move, Add or Manage Circles

I have been getting this error randomly, sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't, but what I discovered that it's not a bug, my guess is that it's a spam protection system going wrong, the limit was spoused to be 5k but I seen users with only 35 people on their circles and still getting this error.

Error changing circle memberships.

I am sorry to tell you that there is no solution but to wait for it to fix for it self, you don't have to clean your browser or change it, you don't have to delete contacts, all you can do is wait for Google to fix it and if you wanna help out click the send feedback button and tell them about it and how long you have been getting it.

if you can help me out please reply I am getting it my self also.

How To Cosplay

By coming here you already know what is cosplay "Dressing Like Characters,  コスプレ, kosupure" so lets head straight to how to cosplay, I personally think that cosplay is art.

Decide which character you want to dress like
Maybe your favorite anime, gaming, film or comic character? Naruto?  it can be any character and the costumes doesn't necessarily need to fit the actual costumes, it's up to you to be whoever you want, a character you would be proud to be is the best choice.

Get or make the costume
You might enjoy crafting the costume yourself, from old clothes or buying materials and making it, you can also get assistant from friends and family, buying costumes is also an option, you can just buy costumes online or from shops, they might not be made for the character or for cosplay but all it matters is being similar to what you are looking for, you can modify clothes just be careful when doing so.
Materials that can be used: Textile, Cloth, Leather, Paper etc..
also the…

Password Protect a USB Flash Drive - Easy To Use Programs and Tutorials

There is many reasons you might want to encrypt and password protect your flash drive, and there is many ways to do that, but today I am going to discuss few programs that is known to do it easily and fast.
usually it will encrypt the usb drive and install a program inside that prompt you to enter password to open it, so you can run it on any computer, the problem is you cannot run them on mac if you made it on windows, there is ways to do it but it's not an easy task, so I will speak of a universal way that works on all operating systems including Linux, then I will list few programs for windows and mac.

The universal way "TrueCrypt"
TrueCrypt is open source and avialable on most operating systems, also other programs can mount TrueCrypt drives and they are available on windows, mac, linux and even on Android, iOS devices.
Here is a tutorial on how to encrypt your usb using TrueCrypt and create a small  portable copy of TrueCrypt that you can use on windows machines, yo…

How to Encrypt USB Flash Drive Using TrueCrypt

First you need to create a container that is no bigger then your usb flash drive free space, read and follow the tutorial.
Note that TrueCrypt is available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Step 1:

Download and install TrueCrypt, after you are done or if you already have it open TrueCrypt from the start menu or manually run TrueCrypt from the installation folder.

Step 2:
On the main TrueCrypt window . Click Create Volume.

Step 3:
on this windows you can choose what you want to do, by default it will be on first option of creating a partition, just hit next.

Step 4:
Then you will need to choose if it's a normal or hidden partition, leave it on default and hit next, if you know what you are doing, you can go for a hidden partition.

Step 5:
Click Select File.

The standard Windows file selector should appear.

On this step you will choose your USB drive letter and hit save after choosing a file name on the box.

The window will close automatically and that's it for now.

Later on you will need to…

Use S4 Air Gesture on Any Android Phone

Galaxy S4 air gesture allows you to control your phone without touching the screen how? using the device sensor the same sensor that turns off screen when you put it near your face, but you don't have to but a galaxy S4 to enjoy this feature anymore, you can just have it on any phone using apps like the air-gesture made by other developers.
This apps allows you to do more then what you can see on the picture of galaxy s4 air gesture.

Wave Control
With this app you can control your music and video playback or answer calls by waving at your phone screen.

Air Swiper
This application allows you to work more effectively and faster with your phone. It makes your life easier as well as using your smartphone. It is very useful, when you have got dirty hands or you are in a car.
-Unlocking and locking the device & disabling a lockscreen
-SMS controls
-Sound controls
-Toast message on new SMS received.
-After boot application will turn on or off everything you have had selected…

Random Chat Video Websites - Talk to Strangers!

Here is a list of the best random chat video sites, I will only review popular websites with many users.

What are random video chat or "chat video" websites.
it's a website that you can usually use without providing personal information, and get someone from the other side to talk to you, usually without specifying country, gender or age, and that person is a complete stranger to you, someday you might meet someone you know just like in real life, but most of the time you will be connected to strangers.

Is it safe?
I am not a fan of chat or chat websites, but I do write articles about them for the sake of people who does.
The negative part of random chat websites and specially ones that have video is bigger then the positive part, I don't want to ruin your fun, so just be careful when dealing with strangers, trolling, racism and crime does exist exactly like it does in afk life, so be prepared.
Did you know: Your IP can be traced inside Omegle and some others ?click to r…

How to Buy Facebook / Google Stocks Online also Make $100 for Referring Eeach Friends

Buying stocks online can be a boring and hard task specially if you have no experience, but I am glad today to tell you that there is an online website that helps you buy stocks and if you don't know the right time to buy or sell you can copy one of the members and whatever he does will happen to you, on a very transparent system you can see what everyone is doing, what did they buy and how much profit they made selling it, you can also find good guys to copy from the top 10 or the  most copied members.
think of it like a social network for stocks and forex "Foreign exchange", you  can start investing $25 and up, also you can test it using fake money just to see how it would turn out before you use real money.
This social network is called eToro and it have been around for quite some time now.
Register here for free

Elfoid - Humanoid Phone That Mimics The Caller Facial Movement & Expression

A Japanese roboticist Hiroshi Ishiguro who is famous of creating robot clones of him self that he can later remotely control created the first humanoid phone the "Elfoid", elfoid looks like a small human figure that moves it's eyes and mimics facial and body expressions, in other words it will move exactly like the person you are calling, it have a camera that capture your movement and facial expressions and play it back instantly on the other side's elfoid here is some pictures and a video of the elfoid back in 2011, I hope this project comes to the light and becomes available for consumers, it's not practical but it can be a nice toy, specially if you can customize your elfoid face, or make it like an LED screen, you know the new kind that can bend over surfaces.

How To Join Anonymous

It's not hard to be one of the anonymous group, actually it's very easy and it takes like hmm... there welcome to anonymous group you are one of anonymous, since you came here it's my duty to show you the way.
let's make it clear before we continue, I am not a part of any illegal / hacking or other activity, I have no political opinion but the belief of peace and justice, my only job is showing you how to get things done, so lets start of what you will need, and how you will communicate and contact anonymous group members.

As an anonymous member you have no leader, you act in groups, groups doesn't have to be connected with other anonymous groups from other places of the world or even same country or city.
You find a cause that's worth standing up for, gather people and stand together, or join already established groups.

How to communicate "the normal way" - Light transparent and public
Google+, Facebook, IRC, forums and more click here to find where …

WIBR - WIfi BRuteforce hack APK - Cracking Wifi Using an Android Phone

WIBR - WIfi BRuteforce hack, is an android application for cracking WPA/WPA2 PSK key for WiFi networks, this application is right now officially banned from the Google Play store for the damage that it can cause, think about it anybody can use it.
There is many fake versions of this so be careful and only download from the official developer or trusted websites.
Dictionary test - it tries passwords from predefined list one by one. Please don't be disappointed if the password will not be found, it simply means that it was not in the dictionary. However, if somebody set his key to "12345678" or "password" it will be detected.
It's easy as 1-2-3.  1) List available networks and select desired network. WIBR is tested on WPA/WPA2 networks with pre-shared key (PSK). Please note, that the testing will be unreliable if the signal is weak! WARNING: HACKING SOMEBODY ELSE'S WIFI IS ILLEGAL! USE THIS APP ONLY ON YOUR OWN NETWORKS!  2) Select desired dictionaries .…

What is a Dark Internet, Deep Web and Hidden Web

First lets see what Wikipedia have to say about it, then I will explain it the frankly way for you.

A dark Internet or dark address refers to any or all unreachable network hosts on the Internet. It is also called dark address space.
The dark Internet should not be confused with either deep web or darknet. Whereas deep web and darknet stand for hard-to-find websites and secretive networks that sometimes span across the Internet, the dark Internet is any portion of the Internet that can no longer be accessed through conventional means.
Now my explanation should make few things clear, Wikipedia is referring to all unreachable networks and hosts, but that is technically impossible, unreachable means it's a lan or local network, a network through VPN or some kind of private connection, and by unreachable I guess they mean that regular users cannot reach, but hey if only 1 person can use it that means its reachable, why would people bother to make a network that they cannot reach…

How to Prevent The Government From Tracking Your Computer and Breaching Your Privacy - Real Private Browsing

The NSA is spying on its own people and the rest of the world, also the rest of the world governments are spying on their people, that can be good tracking down criminals and the bad guys.
  However it can be annoying to a neutral user knowing that someone is watching his private family videos, or reading his mail...etc whatever the case, it's a breach to one's privacy Please remember before we continue, this article is not for criminals, if you are doing something bad you will get caught, plus you wont be needing this anyway.
 So how to enter a complete private mode?  and no the incognito window is not enough.

Change your browser, make a separate browser specially for your private browsing, let that be TOR browser bundle which comes also with TOR.Change your network, don't use proxies or VPN, you wont believe how easy it is to trace VPN especially if the VPN provider is cooperated with the government if it's not the government itself!!, use TOR network, why tor? becau…

Google Vending Machine In Google Japan

Google Vending machine.
(image credit: Loren Baker)

How To Get Night Mode on Jelly Bean and ICS 4.1, 4.2, 4.3

You might want to lower your screen brightness or color tune it for your night reading, avoiding the screen from keeping your eyes on and your brain awake, or any other purpose you have on mind, this was possible in ginger bread using chainfire drivers, but they don't work anymore and needs root, the good news is there is an alternative night mode, flux like or whatever you name it for jelly bean and icecream sandwich, it works the best on LED, OLED screens, works at LCD as well but wont lower the brightness, you have to lower it manually.

Here is best of the Google play store apps that will gives you night mode on your android device.

Screen FilterBest Screen FilterNight ModeEye Protector (Night Mode)

Jelly Bean Android 4.3 Battery Life

Battery was always a problem for me, if I am lucky I would get 4 hours screen time browsing the internet or 2 hours playing a game, so I had to stop gaming on phone, my main use is Skype, or regular calls and the phone stays for 1 day on standby mode, I noticed a huge battery difference on my Galaxy Nexus after flashing android 4.3, to be specific Parandoid Android  3.94, usually battery drops from 100% into 80% very fast, I charged 100% in 2 hours playing aruond it was 93% just wow, I never dreamed of getting this battery life, and "franco kernel" folks which is the best kernel for battery life, admit on their Google+ community that it's the first time the stock kernel is better then franco kernel!!! you can't believe it, check it out here.
lucky me PA is highly customized version of the android 4.3, I can still have everything I did on 4.2.2 and I don't have to switch from stock to get the fast charge mode, it's included, a regular low power USB port will …

Random Chat Websites Ultimate List of Websites Like Omegle - People Made

Here is the ultimate list of most used random chat website, including the all time favorite Omegle and Omegle's Alternatives.

So the idea is to build the largest list of websites like omegle, I will take submissions in comments of this page, you know a website that I don't ? leave a comment and it will be in the list.
Strangers Chat
A very nice website where you can chat with girls and guys while being able to choose your gender and which gender you wanna chat to, it also support auto find next in case of being EncounterBlurry PeopleMychanceromanceOmegleChatrouletteChatrandom You might also check Omegle Alternatives Blog or our previous post "Websites Like Omegle".

Transparent Cell Phone Lenovo S800

Here is a video of the transparent phone that you can buy right now in the market and it's called Lenovo S800 and you can just search it over Google.

Well it doesn't run android, nothing fancy, but come on it's a transparent phone!! and of course if they made it with some kind of firmware they can make it run android as well in the future. I would be waiting for that.
I don't know it's good for daily use but at least I know it's a nice phone to brag with, ehh except that everyone reading the caller name in reverse from the other side.

Netcut for Android - How to Disconnect Other People From The Same Wifi Network

Ever wonder how to kick strangers and block them from using your wifi? are you on a public place and everyone is downloading music while you need to read an important email and they don't give you a chance?
well with WifiKill "netcut for android" a free application developed by bponury from XDA forums you can use your android device to jam wifi networks, kick everyone and all kind of devices or just that annoying someone off the network, disable them, block them and look what they are trying to browse "This is an act of spy so don't", and yeah it still works and nothing can stop you unless they a have an anti-netcut software installed, the good news is, nobody have that installed.

Now I seem encouraging you above, but the truth is I would like to say that this act can be illegal in some countries and it's up here for educational purposes, and of course to protect your own network when someone break in and figure out your password, you can do that throug…

Spelling and Grammar Checkers For Chrome

There is only few grammar and spelling extensions for chrome, and only 1 of them worked for me, well, the rest might work for you but I needed a grammar checker to use with Google Blogger, and only one extension worked and it didn't really work on the WYSIWYG "Compose" tab, I had to switch  to the HTML tab instead then it worked perfectly.

After The deadline
This extension is so great for any user, no matter writing an email through yahoo, Gmail, tweeting, updating your status on Facebook, commenting, writing an article online, you name it.
it's so simple and require nothing but the extension itself, you install it and it appears on the address bar, then all you have to do is going to Facebook for example and start writing in the box, a small icon of ABC shows up near the box, click it and voila it gives suggestions to a better selling and grammar.
It's a useful tool specially if English is your second language.

Spell and Grammar Checker by Ginger
It didn't work…