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How To Join Anonymous

Anonymous Group Logo / Seal
It's not hard to be one of the anonymous group, actually it's very easy and it takes like hmm... there welcome to anonymous group you are one of anonymous, since you came here it's my duty to show you the way.
let's make it clear before we continue, I am not a part of any illegal / hacking or other activity, I have no political opinion but the belief of peace and justice, my only job is showing you how to get things done, so lets start of what you will need, and how you will communicate and contact anonymous group members.

As an anonymous member you have no leader, you act in groups, groups doesn't have to be connected with other anonymous groups from other places of the world or even same country or city.
You find a cause that's worth standing up for, gather people and stand together, or join already established groups.

How to communicate "the normal way" - Light transparent and public
Google+, Facebook, IRC, forums and more click here to find where anonymous hide.
How to communicate the "underground way" - Dark foggy and secret
Anonymous use dark internet, or TOR network to become untraceable and communicate freely, read more on how to access the hidden web.

Age requirement
Age doesn't really matter, some people grow up before their age, but if you are under 18 you might not want to get involved with strangers, being anonymous is not being cool, it's a serious business that involves scary strangers, scary places, police, jail and government so be scared and leave this page and never, ever try to join anonymous.
You can make your own small anonymous group at school tho, and discuss matters of how to improve your school, decorate your class, or decide what you would do together in free time, cool kids does that.

What anonymous really does
Besides trolling and having fun in forums, they hack websites, DDOS "Denial of service attacks" and other legal and illegal stuff, I wouldn't advice doing any of that, as it can be harmful to other people who doesn't share your opinion, the whole point of anonymous idea was to share your though without being known, and to win your war using your voice, so think twice before getting involved on any illegal activities that might lead you to jail, like shutting down businesses, stealing money, identity or even email accounts just to prove your point.

If there is something still not clear for you yet ask me in comments below.


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