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How to Make Money With Money "Investing Money For Profit" Fast Ways

I will show you how to make money, but first let me explain, making money using money have another meaning called "Investing money", investing money is using the money you already have or some of it instead of it being lying around on a business that will grow it, and makes more money.

Ever hear of the term "The rich get richer and the poor get poorer" ?? well it's not true, poor people can make a little bit of money by working, and you don't need to be employed the world is so huge and full of all kinds of jobs, when the poor have a little bit of money lets say $100, they can invest that by buying the reselling goods for example, and that's just another kind of investment, you invest your money and your time to get rich.

Now how to make money?

Invest directly in the Stock Market
You can make money by investing in stock market, however it can be hard or difficult, the good news is that you can read tutorials and watch videos about it, but there is a huge risk of losing money if you are not experienced, its like gambling, and you don't wanna lose your money don't you?? unless you know what are you doing, don't do it alone, seek help of an experienced fellow, or take a few months reading and learning about it online or on books.

You can read my article on how to buy google and facebook stock.

Doing online business
it's not hard as you think it is, for example if you have no experience creating a website, you can hire a web designer, you can make a local magazine, blog or even sell stuff online, most websites nowadays uses a content management system, like wordpress, blogger, joomla and others, and those systems are so easy even for a child to use, there is 13 years old bloggers who make money, think about it.

If you are too lazy to write articles you can hire people to do that for you, hiring people doesn't require you to get up your chair, you can hire them online, there is many websites that allows you to hire people and pay them offline, there is free options like and and also you can buy a hosting and a domain name, which is the name of the website .com .net etc and the space that it will be on, they can be as cheap as $3 dollars per month, be creative and find a niche, a niche means the subject your website is about, for example this blog you are browsing right now is about "Making money, Technology, Gadgets, SEO", but there is no limit to what you can write about.

Now that you have created a website or blog how to make money??
Easy, there is programs like Google Adsense that pays you for displaying ads on your website, there is also people who would like to buy ads directly on your website, and also you can promote Amazon products or join affiliate programs that pays you every-time somebody click a link and join them.

It's not hard, and the web is full of information on how to join those programs and make money off them.
Enough of online business now.

Invest in a local offline business
It can be a shop, a service, something you are good at, something you really love to do, there is many stuff you can do to invest your money on all kinds of goods, when choosing a product to resell make sure the demand on the market is high, research the market and ask around before you start, and make sure there is something special about you that would make people buy from you, no matter what is your business, a coffee shop or a laundry thinking ahead will make you successful and don't give up so fast.

Invest in properties
If you have a quit good amount of money, you can buy properties and rent them, they pay back after some time, it can take long, but after it pays back you will have streaming pure income.

Saving accounts
You can get a saving account, usually insured and the bank will pay you some fee called interest, this interest depends on the amount on your account, and of course your money will be available to you whenever you want it.

Certificates of deposit
These are similar to saving accounts but they are risk free, they are just the "money in the bank"  but what is different than saving accounts is that the CD has a specific fixed term, monthly, yearly etc..
and usually a fixed interest rate, you will keep the money in the bank for that amount of time, and when the money be available back to you, you will get your interest, it also depends on the time it's gonna stay and the amount of the money.
you can get your money before the time finishes and that is called "closing a certificate of deposit" but be prepared for penalty for example you will lose the interest of 6 months if you close a 5 years CD.

That's all I can think about for now, I hope that you found something useful and of course you can comment below and share your though about this, always remember money is dirt, don't go illegal ways of making money.


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