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How to Prevent The Government From Tracking Your Computer and Breaching Your Privacy - Real Private Browsing

The NSA is spying on its own people and the rest of the world, also the rest of the world governments are spying on their people, that can be good tracking down criminals and the bad guys.
  However it can be annoying to a neutral user knowing that someone is watching his private family videos, or reading his mail...etc whatever the case, it's a breach to one's privacy
Please remember before we continue, this article is not for criminals, if you are doing something bad you will get caught, plus you wont be needing this anyway.

 So how to enter a complete private mode? 

and no the incognito window is not enough.

  1. Change your browser, make a separate browser specially for your private browsing, let that be TOR browser bundle which comes also with TOR.
  2. Change your network, don't use proxies or VPN, you wont believe how easy it is to trace VPN especially if the VPN provider is cooperated with the government if it's not the government itself!!, use TOR network, why tor? because it changes your IP so fast, and you are using people like you to cover up for your self and you cannot tell where the node ends or starts, the FBI though they can track you inside the tor network but all they can apparently do is spread malware and trojans on Darknet websites, you wont need to access the darknet all you need is private browsing to regular websites so don't worry.
  3. Change your browsing habits, use a different name, a cartoon picture, fake your interests, pick another country, another town and even choose the opposite gender, don't use your personal emails to make private Facebook accounts!! they can access Facebook!!
  4. Make sure you don't keep cookies.
  5. Don't store private pictures and videos on cloud services, enough said.
  6. You can access the darknet or TOR network hosted websites, but be careful out there, since the bad websites are compromised by the FBI political forums and such wont hurt you, they don't care about that, the trend they are after now is child abuse, so you are totally safe unless you are a pedophile then please leave this page immediately.
  7. Don't use mobile devices that you use for normal browsing to do your private browsing, and make sure to disable location services, checkout and check in services, not only government can use that, a murderer might know where exactly you are, scary?
You might also consider changing your operating system, Users of hidden net advised to ditch Windows.
That's all I can think of right now, this article is intended for educational purposes, I mean people have to know, right?


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