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Use S4 Air Gesture on Any Android Phone

Galaxy S4 air gesture allows you to control your phone without touching the screen how? using the device sensor the same sensor that turns off screen when you put it near your face, but you don't have to but a galaxy S4 to enjoy this feature anymore, you can just have it on any phone using apps like the air-gesture made by other developers.
This apps allows you to do more then what you can see on the picture of galaxy s4 air gesture.

Wave Control
With this app you can control your music and video playback or answer calls by waving at your phone screen.

Air Swiper
This application allows you to work more effectively and faster with your phone. It makes your life easier as well as using your smartphone. It is very useful, when you have got dirty hands or you are in a car.
-Unlocking and locking the device & disabling a lockscreen
-SMS controls
-Sound controls
-Toast message on new SMS received.
-After boot application will turn on or off everything you have had selected before in the application.
-Wireless controls - Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, can be now turned OFF or ON by simple motions.
-Turn off lockscreen by swiping over your device sensor.
-Turn on device screen by swiping over the device sensor.
-Notification in statusbar
-Uninstall button
-Game mode - Turn on when playing games or using applications which needs proximity sensor.
You can read more in the application.

WaveMultiTasker Trial
Jump between apps easily without even touching your phone.
**This is the 24 Hour Trial Version**
Two ways to access apps on your phone:
1. Hover over your hand over your phone to bring up a list of apps
2. Wave your hand over your phone to cycle through the apps
New: Choose between recently active apps or build your own list of favorites

This is all for now, I will post more apps when I get to try the, you can sugeest any application that does the trick on comments.


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