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What is a Dark Internet, Deep Web and Hidden Web

First lets see what Wikipedia have to say about it, then I will explain it the frankly way for you.

A dark Internet or dark address refers to any or all unreachable network hosts on the Internet. It is also called dark address space.
The dark Internet should not be confused with either deep web or darknet. Whereas deep web and darknet stand for hard-to-find websites and secretive networks that sometimes span across the Internet, the dark Internet is any portion of the Internet that can no longer be accessed through conventional means.

Now my explanation should make few things clear, Wikipedia is referring to all unreachable networks and hosts, but that is technically impossible, unreachable means it's a lan or local network, a network through VPN or some kind of private connection, and by unreachable I guess they mean that regular users cannot reach, but hey if only 1 person can use it that means its reachable, why would people bother to make a network that they cannot reach?

A real world example is Darknet, Tor Network and Onion websites, these are unreachable through normal access, but there is a way to access them, be extremely careful inside, you can read my tutorial on how to use the darknet or dark internet.

So a Dark Internet is:
A network that exist within the internet but it require special software that encrypts and uses it's own DNS "Domain Name System/Server/Method" and have it's own addresses that doesn't follow the international public standard".


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