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Installing Cracked Apps On iOS 7 Using Chinese Software

With the latest iOS 7 being the best of apple, no jailbreak available yet but I guess China didn't need jailbreak to begin with, using a program called 25PP users can install apps on iOS 7 without Jailbreaking or extra hacking, there is also a desktop version of the application that allows ripping, installing, updating apps and also gives access to system files, documents, ibooks etc.

There is tutorials and links all over the web, teaching people who doesn't understand Chinese where to click and how it works, I wonder how apple is going to deal with this.

The program can also fix apps asking for Apple ID then closing because they are not authorized, this could be hard to take for apple who promised the developers to fight jailbreak and piracy with it's latest iOS.

eToro Free $20 Gift Cards Giveaway

eToro is giving awayfree $20 gift cards in social investments, you can choose wither to invest on Google, Facebook or Yahoo.
If you are new don't worry, it's easy and free just register here, and if you are an existing member you still get the $20 gift card, you don't have to deposit any money besides that.

Jailbroken iPad / iPhone / iPod Stuck on Recovery After OTA Update to iOS 7

I update my jailbroken ipad by using the settings menu, anyway it restarted to apply the iOS 7 official update and it kept restarting on the apple logo and finally it asked me to connect to iTunes.
I have tried Redsn0w reboot fix, didn't work also, so my final resort is to try to restore the iPad to factory settings using iTunes and lose everything on it.

I also seen people talking about restoring in DFU mode and downgrading to 6.1, anyhow I am waiting for iTunes to update and then for the iPad to restore from the internet, then I will post an update on this page.

I will be back before the time on the bottom runs out, if you have anything to help me please leave it down on the comments.
[dit] I downloaded the iOS 7 ipsw file and shift + restore on itunes, lost everything, no more jailbreak, but at least it works now. Regards.

Perfect World Presets - Character Customization

I found this very nice Perfect world ini files website "Character presets", I hope you guys enjoy it too, a fine list of  perfect world presets is out there and it's being updated regularly, it's a very nice place for all of your perfect world bragging needs.

Go to the best site of perfect world presets and ini files on the internet!

Does Google Authorship Change Ranking?

I can assure you that yes it does, no matter what they make you believe, showing your face on Google search results is indeed a win win, because authorship is not only about your picture, if you follow the proper guideline, you will actually optimize your content for crawlers, it allows you to divide the information of your webpage, post or article into 3 main parts which are title, content, date, picture and author, the author is just a part of a whole new way of introducing your content to the web making it more readable to crawlers so they can make it looks better for people.

This whole process is called schema your website, or applying a schema to your content or in other words marking up your content using microdata, and by that you define if your content is a product, directory, reviews etc which then allow showing ratings, blog posts which then start showing authorship info, dates and others, maybe your site is a news website which then start showing the picture of the news you…

New Omegle Alternative -

A new website have been launched to offer random anonymous chat with strangers, it's fast and works using camchat technology.
Main Features: Ability to filter gender "Chat with only guys", "Chat with only girls", "Chat with everyone".Multi language support.Camera and voice support.Text chat.Auto find next.Fast.Free.Website Like Omegle

How To Access Darknet .Onion links/domains Without TOR

To access a darknet Onion domain "for example: http://duskgytldkxiuqc6.onion/", you will need TOR, a browser bundle or whatever makes you connect to the TOR network, like the Vidalia.

How To Access Darknet without Tor?
If you seem to be far from your PC, too lazy to install and use TOR, or don't have permission to install software, you can still use a service called TOR2WEB "", this website is a gateway to the darknet, you just paste the .onion domain and hit "Open via proxy".

So how does it work?

This gateway to Tor hidden services provides convenient access to Tor hidden services. It is a pure proxy that forwards requests to the respective hidden service. So is a proxy, or a gate between the regular internet and the dark internet.

Is "TOR2WEB" anonymous and secure? as a gateway cannot offer any anonymity for the visitor. For example, both and the hidden service itself can see the visitor&#…

Working Links List To Darknet Aka Deep Web .Onion sites

Found this pretty list online on a webpage that I cannot share for the content it had, I filtered non-friendly links, and the list below is safe to browse but even tho, they might change any moment so make sure to report in comments or contact me if you find anything that is not safe. I will make sure to update it.

Click here for 2015 list
Hidden Wikis
The Hidden Wiki - The original Hidden Wiki (after Matt's), owned by ion. Created January 2009. Went down for a while but it's back up now. A bit outdated.Hidden Wiki Mirror - An exact mirror of ion's Hidden Wiki. Updated on a fairly regular basis.HackBloc's Hidden Wiki Mirror - An editable up-to-date Hidden Wiki. Generally free from vandalism.Old THW Mirror - Hasn't been updated for 8 months.Older THW Mirror - An old Hidden Wiki mirror. Outdated.
DirectoriesOnionBookmark - Keep bookmarks private or share with public.TORDIR - Categorized link list of Tor, user submitted. Also a PM service.Onion Url Repository - Small l…

The I5 processor metal ultrabook, ASUS S400EI3317CA

The Asus S400E3317CA touch ultrabook uses aluminum wiredrawing texture metal casing, the 1.8KG and 21mm stylish and streamlined body is with a 14-inch borderless LED touch screen. It has built-in SonicMaster, comes standard with a slim lithium-polymer battery, which not only reduces the body weigh, but also is with increased battery life, the battery life is approximately up to 5 hours. The parts for asus S400e now available at

Asus S400E3317CA touch ultrabook is equipped with Intel third generation intelligent multi-tasking Intel Core i5-3317U processor, Intel GMA HD 4000 graphics card, standard with 4GB memory and 24GB SSD + 500GB HDD hybrid SSD and 500GB mechanical hard drive, also it has the 2 seconds booting rapid response technology.

It supports 802.11b/g/n wireless protocol and 1000Mbps Ethernet card for network. It has large area intelligent gesture touchpad and seamless back-mounted sub-island keyboard. It has two USB2.0 and a USB3.0 data inte…

Top 5 China Android Phones Worth Buying For 2013 - 2014

Here is a list of Top 5 Chinese android phones worth buying, I have choosen this phone for the overal quality of screen and material, the specs, and the price.
Quad Core 1G RAM 4.7
Inch HD IPS Retina Screen
Android 4.1
13MP Camera

Xiaomi Hongmi
MTK MT6589T 
Quad-core 1.5 GHz
Android OS v4.2
Accelerometer, gyro, proximity, compass

ZTE Nubia Z5 Quad core, 1500 MHz, Krait
Android (4.1.1)
5.0 inches IPS LCD
13 megapixels Camera
Light sensor, Proximity sensor, Scratch-resistant glass
2GB Ram

Android 4.2
Quad Core
4.5 Inch HD IPS Screen
8.0MP Camera

Umeox x5
Dual Core 1.0 GHz
120 x 60 x 5.6mm
OLED Screen
2GB Ram
8MP Camera

TOR Funded by US Government and the Truth of Real Anonymity Online

Darknet, Hidden web and other names of the network within TOR is an internet inside your internet, it's like a private encrypted connection between people, that is shifting connections making it hard to figure out who is browsing what, it is decentralized and whoever connected to the network becomes a part of it an can contribute to become a node, or a proxy for others.

Update: In recent news and announcements it seems like TOR is funded by the US government, but it doesn't mean that they are actually providing information to the US government.
I was thinking that Tor network is anonymous but it turns out that it's funded by many us agencies like the US state department and department of defense,  checkout their official financial statementon their tor website.
And here is an example:

TOR network "A proxy/vpn like service that works using onion routing technology and it promises being anonymous by randomizing routes, hubs and gateways through other people on the network&…

Can I Be Traced Through Omegle - Omegle Privacy Concern

Following up my post on "How to Get IP on Omegle and Chatroulette".

Who told you that when you chat with someone on Omegle or other random website you will be anonymous?
Well, I developed my own Omegle kind of website and the first problem I had is the heavy load of video/audio streaming, so I had to a P2P solution which connect the users directly to each other and start streaming video/audio.

apparently Omegle are using an old method of video chatting similar to chatroulette.
Anexample of a map generated using these data automatically is

what can anybody do with your IP address ?

How does it work, how can someone get my up through Omegle?
The stream of your camera is not hosted through Omegle, it's generic TCP connection between you and the other side using a flash app that is actually cashed on your and their machine, and and ip can be simply found using netstat -a DOS command.

This is a huge breach to your privacy so the only c…

Why Link Building is Not Useless

Before I speak about Link building, let me tell you that your visitors are not robots, that was my quote when I started this blog, focus on the content, before you focus on the links, and write, build and design for humans, then think about search engines, if you look closely you will see that people behind every search engine and especially Google trying to make it human like, so if you design for human, you will get ranked, and it will be good, I don't mean coding in here, I mean overall experience of the user, fast website, easy to access content, nice formatted paragraphs and headers, readable fonts, impressing photos and graphics, that fits the content of your site.

When that part is done, you can start focusing on meta tags and other on-site SEO.

After that comes the off-site SEO, which is link building, social media etc, and when I say link building I don't mean spam, there is a difference between art and spam.

Good : Submitting your link into a web directory, exchangi…