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Embed Photo Sphere on Your Website HTML

You can embed panoramic photos taken by an android phone using the photo sphere feature on some Android phones like the Galaxy Nexus simply by following the next steps.

- Upload the photo sphere JPG image into your Google+ page "wall".
- Copy the uploaded picture URL after turning it into flat mode by clicking the flat mode icon the copied URL should look like "".
- Use the following code to embed it into your page.

Pay Less For Virtually Everything You Buy Using Coupons / Promo Codes

With this much financial trouble around the world, and for just the sake of saving money to have a better future, you can pay less for the things that you already buying, the best way would be using promo codes, I used to buy domain names and when I knew I can get them for 1 dollar less that's a 1 domain name every 9 domain names I buy which is really helpful for someone who deals with large amount of domain names, the saving makes it possible to invest on other useful things, and just the idea of that you can get something for less then it's worth is amazing, for example I came across a website that have very interesting collection of coupons for more then just major stores, making it possible to find coupons & promo codes for anything you are looking for, the rating system also indicated which coupons are working, it also includes a neat discussion forum for the community of consumers to discuss which products are better then others, make sure to pay a visit to Dontpayf… Returns 403 Forbidden Error

I don't know what's wrong today but when I access all I can see is an 403 forbidden error as you  can see on screenshot, is it just for me or for everyone else? that's what I will try to find out.

The Good Service That Templatemela Offers to Its Clients

Nowadays, it is easier to buy online rather than going elsewhere. And it is obvious, of course, that if you are going to buy a certain product that has something to do with web, the best thing to do is refer to a reliable online shop such as Templatemela. Later on, you will learn what are the products that this site offers that can make life for a netizen, specifically, web owners and bloggers. If you have such desire to have the product that you need such as wordpress themes,magento themes and prestashop themes, this is the right article for you. So read between the lines. Wordpress themes available in Templatemela are updated and easy to manage. There are themes of this kind of platform available in the shop, which are not present in other shops. It shows only that this online shop has an edge over others. Another thing, they are able to provide you with the information on how to use this platform which is super “user-friendly”. Magento themes which are good for you if you are into cl…

Elder Scrolls Online Free Subscriptions & Pre-Order

I can't wait to get theElder Scrolls Online game, I have been a fan of online games and Elder Scrolls games including the best of them"Skyrim" for a long time, and now they are combined! Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are in one huge world and it will be epic! It is the first attempt of Bethesda to move TES world online. They even created a new company for that – ZeniMax Online Studios.

Once the game is released I will be writing tips, tricks and of course hacks of this game, so stay tuned and for now you can try to pre-order the game and getting your first subscription for free.

Subscribing to Elder Scrolls Online To be able to enjoy the beauty ofElder Scrolls Online you will need to buy subscription. ESO will cost $15 for each month. When developers announced subscription model many of the fans were disappointed. They expected the game to be free to play. But the good news is thatplaying the game is free for the first period of purchase. Every player who purchases the…