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Anonymous P2P File Sharing

If you came to this post looking for P2P file sharing programs that works through TOR anonymity network then you are in the right place, TOR was made for anonymous browsing and it's not even fast enough for browsing nowadays so imagine downloading something using it or seeding files.
The good news! it's still possible but it would be better to make your P2P connections without TOR.

If you are planning to download some pirated programs or illegal materials then please consider the risk, I advice you to stay away from that, and use TOR for privacy reasons only.
Without TorVPN Yep VPN is as secure as TOR but of course it's not anonymous as much as TOR, the VPN company can give away information about you to any authorities so if you are doing nothing wrong then don't worry, and make sure to read their terms of service,  I would go for a paid service that keeps no logs. Emule Protocol Obfuscation You can use Emule and enable this feature in Options > Security, it should ma…

Galaxy Win "Quattro" Roms & Review

The Galaxy Win in some regions known as Galaxy Grand Quattro obviously because of the 1.3 ghz quad-core possessor inside of it guts, this device is way too low in price compared to the specifications, The camera is 5mp which is really low nowadays but I guess that's what cuts the price down.

This phone can have up to 2 SIM cards at once, you can still receive calls when you are busy on one of them, the battery life is perfect, it last for whole day and you end up with 20% more juice at night instead of a dead phone, of course my WiFi is always on, 3G always on, messaging on the go and browsing, checking mail in break time, also around 3 hours of calls via Skype and few mins on regular calls.

New: Galaxy Grand Quattro / Win Roms and Hacks Blog
As  I love to try more then one ROM for my devices and to tweak them, I had to stick with the stock, there is absolutely few to none compatible roms for the galaxy win "quattro", the development is weak and its labeled under "…

Making Sure You Are Using The Right Tires Lowers The Risk of Accidents

Most of car accidents happens because of fault in the tires, every vehicle have a different type of tires, while keeping that in mind you need also to check the performance and integrity of your tires regularly, especially if you are buying a used car, you need to research what tires are for your car type in your area conditions, heat, frequent rain or snow, heavy winter weather are some to consider.

Buying the right tires for your vehicle ensures lower risk of accidents, high perforurmance tires may cost more then regular tires but they save you money on the long run.

So make sure you take care of your car tires and related parts, and if you live in south Auckland it's your lucky day! make sure to check Manukau Auto and Tires center.

Manukau Auto & Tyre Centre South Auckland
Manukau Auto & Tyre Centre was started in 1986 by Nigel Stickland, doing mechanical repairs and car servicing, branching into tyres and mag wheels in 1988. Within a short time we were the market leader…

Interview With Creator of

As you know, I am a fan of MMO games and I’m very excited about a new project of ZeniMax Online Studios: The Elder Scrolls Online. I have been following this project since it was announced, and, to be honest the chances I will play ESO after the release are high. That is why today’s post is dedicated to this fantastic game. I have invited a person who also likes the game, maybe even more than I do. So please welcome – Ivan, creator of one of the biggest ESO fansites - He will answer some questions about his site and ESO in general.

Q: Ivan, why did you decide to create a website about ESO?

A: Well, that’s because I really like The Elders Scrolls games. I’ve played Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim and each part of the game was great. When I heard that ZeniMax were creating an online version of TES I was interested. I decided to create a website where any TES fan can find information about the game.

Q: Are you a huge fan of TES?

A: Well, while I’m a big fan, I know…