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Accessories for iPhone: how to choose

Today iPhone is not just mobile device, it is an essential attribute of successful modern man, versed in the latest trends of fashion and technology. Like any technically complex mechanism, iPhone requires special accessories that will facilitate its work and support its functionality. List of indispensable accessories for this gadget include screen protectors, headphones, battery cables, on-table and car holders and more. And if some of them are sold in set with the smartphone, then others should be purchased separately.
What accessories for iPhone should a novice user have? If you have recently become a proud owner of this gadget, but you are not well versed in the peculiarities of its maintenance, you should acquire a minimum set of accessories, which are necessary to keep it in good working condition. Do not neglect the acquisition of such items as screen protector film and a case. Both of these products are of specific functional importance - screen film protects your device from scratches, dust and well-chosen case prevents it from possible damage from caused by occasional impacts and drops.
To date, there is a huge selection of accessories for iPhone: the first of them have appeared almost simultaneously with the device invention, and since then their assortment line has expanded significantly. User can choose different types of covers: bumpers, cases, collapsible structures. Each type has several security features and can protect not only the back panel of the smartphone, but its sides, as well as the screen. In addition, there are many types of screen films: matte, which prevent from fingerprints spots, glossy, which are almost invisible and do not distort the image, color and those, which also protect sides of the device. Holder is also quite popular accessory as it helps to fix a gadget reliably in a car, or place it on the table and thus, prevent a smartphone from possible damages. This accessory makes the work with a phone more convenient as it allows you to fix your iPhone in various positions. Motorists, who spend most of the day in a car, know that using of smartphones and tablets in a vehicle is associated with some inconveniences. A holder is an item that can be attached to the windshield or front panel of the car and allows you to keep your gadget within easy reach. You can see the detailed instruction on how to use the iPhone holder in the car on YouTube. New models of holders enable to rotate a smartphone at 360 degrees that is very handy for both drivers and passengers.
Range of accessories offers can really overwhelm even experienced users with its diversity. Not only Apple company, but also leading designer of brand clothing and small workshops are engaged in manufacturing of accessories for iPhone. However, users can not only choose a ready-made model, but also order custom made products. This is especially true for covers and holders, as there are no limits for fantasy when designing these products.
Modern manufacturers of accessories for smartphones constantly strive to surprise their customers and offer new and unusual solutions. In recent years it has become a trend to make accessories with symbols of different countries, photos of anime and abstract drawings in futuristic style. You can choose the suitable option for every taste and purse, the main thing is to make your gadget bright and original!
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