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Easeus Todo Backup with Excellent Functionality

Backup utilities are much sought after and are meant to offer maximum user-friendliness, as well as, excellent functionality. Like any good backup network backup software tool, Easeus Todo Backup back up your complete system's data and comes for free. This is just what you want and can easily restore your computer in case of an unforeseen event of a hard-disk crash or any other disaster. With more than 6,000,000 users, there is no denying that this is one of the most popular free backup software.

Let us take a look at the top features of this amazing system backup & recovery backup tool.
·Offers disk clone, disk upgrade and SSD migration solution\ ·No need to reinstall OS to get everything back. ·Quickly restore and recover files, folders, volumes ·Safe destination for back up data, system, hard disk, partition for disaster recovery. ·Comprehensive full backup, differential backup, Incremental backup ·Intuitive interface that is just right for newbie and professional alike
· The best p…

Determining Price for your Mobile Phone

There are many online bazaars where you can buy and sell pre-owned mobile phones. In case you want to sell off your phone, you can postyour mobile for free hereAlthough there are many new phones in the market which are competitively priced, there is still a huge demand by people online for buying second-hand phones. In case you are a buyer or seller, you must know these few tips which will make sure that the pre-owned phone is appropriately priced. Check for the Price of Similarly Featured Phones Recently Released
People often find themselves in a fix when deciding the selling price of their second-hand phone online. They do not want a low price which will be a bad deal for them, nor do they want a high price which will ward away potential customers. One good trick is to find out the market price of a similarly featured phone which has been released recently in the market. Always keep the selling price of your phone reasonably below this market price. Check the Health of Your Mobile