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Top 10 Exercise Tips To Improve Sexual Health!

If you want to improve your sexual health, the best way is through exercise. Nothing can better your sex life than being in shape and keeping yourself physically fit. Without a strong body and proper muscle tone, many sexual positions are difficult to do. If your body is in good shape, you will be able to have stamina, never get out of breath and have proper blood flow to the penis. Men who want to be good in bed need to exercise regularly and use a regiment that promotes sexual health.
Exercises to Improve Sexual Health   
Here are the top 10 exercises recommended to improve your sexual health. These particular ones are designed for men to use, but can be incorporated into the exercise routines of either gender.  
1. Workout Those Kegels 
Kegel workouts are all the rage, because they build up the muscles that increase sexual stamina and enhance performance for men. They maybe trendy right now, but that is because they work and the ladies will attest to it. So get into your kegels gentlemen.  
2. Strengthen Your Core   
Using core exercises to strengthen your abdominal muscles, back muscles and those around the pelvis is popular today. It's an easy method of developing that well-toned look, but benefits you sexually more than most workouts. All exercises related to core strength increase your ability to maintain balance, thrusting, pivoting, plus these muscle groups are the key to many complex sex positions. Strengthen your core and your sexual health will improve, along with your sex life.  
3. Build Upper-body Strength
If you want to make her moan and quiver in missionary position, then you need to have the assistance of a strong upper-body. Your arms, shoulders, chest and back must be able to support your full weight, as your pelvic thrusts penetrate your lover in hard motions back and forth. Without upper-body strength, a man can only go so long before his entire body gives out. This is a mood breaker in sexual intercourse for anyone.
4. Cardiovascular Exercise 
Anything that helps you breathe and not get winded improves sex. Your sexual health improves by doing regular cardiovascular exercise. This means any exercise that begins with a warm up, works the heart to an accelerated pace, sustains this pace and then returns the individual back to their normal heart rate, always followed by a cool down. Aerobic exercise is one popular form of cardiovascular exercise that can improve your sexual health, but also can increase your life span.

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5. Try Yoga and Meditation 
Yoga and meditation are complimentary disciplines, each being a martial art. Your sexual health will benefit from learning these practices, because they enhance your breathing, muscle control and teach you how to stretch before, during and after working out. Being patient and having sexual stamina can be learned with the art of yoga and meditation, so give them a try.
6. Maximize Your Gluteus 
A man and his buttocks get noticed by women, but his gluteus Maximus also increases his ability to go all night. Building up those rear end muscles will make sex positions like missionary or doggy style easier to maintain from a standing pose.
7. Build Leg Strength   
Additional stamina can be gained from well-toned leg muscles. Building up your leg strength will make many positions less exhausting, plus it will allow your body to ground itself with your feet. A man with well-developed legs, always has a pleasing shape to the women around him. Even if other areas of his body are less toned, most women are into muscular legs and strength coming from the lower body.
8. Flex Your Hips   
Learning to stretch your body out before sex is a good thing. Doing twists and bends that flex you hip muscles are a great way to limber up. If you’re hip action is on target, your lover will be able to feel it deep down, where it really counts.
9. Lifting Weights   
Nothing builds that upper-body strength like lifting weights. Your body can benefit from any amount of weight lifting, so don't think that you have to become a super huge bodybuilding fanatic. Most men focus on better muscle tone and trimming up their torso. Still it's quite a turn on, if you can manage to develop those famous six pack abs that women love so much.  
10. Exercise Together With Your Partner 
There is nothing like working out with your lover. This offers several opportunities that can enhance your sex life and improve your love making. While working out, you can observe how your lover moves, but as an observer who isn't engaged in sexual congress. You can also observe what differences your body has doing the same movements, which can solve some problems making certain sex positions work. Exercising together builds intimacy without touching, kissing or having sex. It also is a wonderful way to keep both of your bodies in shape and remain a sexy couple together. 
Some Final Thoughts about Your Sexual Health 
Once you get used to exercising regularly, be sure to continue building upon your basic workout regimen. Change your overall workout routine, as your body develops and start working on new exercises. Try new routines and consider getting a personal trainer, at least for a short duration. Such instruction can greatly increase the quality of your workout methods and show you how to develop a personalized routine, as you tailor it to your individual needs physically.
Learn your strengths, weaknesses and everything about your body. Your sexual health will be positively impacted by keeping up with your physical fitness, but start by using these 10 tips to improve your body and enhance your sex life.

About The Author:

Kelly Everson is an American author and MA in English literature. She is a health article writer who has written numerous articles/online journals on stretch marks, pregnancy, sleep disorders, female health and joint pain problems. She is also passionate about health, beauty and fitness. She is contributing to Consumer Health Digest from 2011. Examiner from 2013, Epochtimes & Healthline from 2014


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