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MT65xx MTK65xx Driver Download For Windows

A lot of people is having hard time finding drivers for their MTK phones, mostly MTK chips are used in copy/clone phones or some Lenovo and other brands who prefer affordable prices.

If your phone is asking for MT65xx preloader on device manager drivers than you came to the right place, click here to download.

What's so funny about menopause?

If you are a woman who is currently experiencing menopause or who has achieved completion of this life changing event, you may or may not be able to see the humorous side of menopause. Your partner may also have issues with the topic; it all depends on your experiences and your outlook on the situation. Some women take advantage of the opportunity to get through the difficult issues that can arise with a positive outlook that playfully pokes at what could otherwise be a brief stent with misery. What's so funny about menopause? We have some ideas to share, but we're also sure that you could come up with more of your own. Your attitude shapes your perspective

For some women, having a great attitude towards menopause is easier than for others. To begin, if you're a happy person that has a great sense of humor, you are more apt to see the funny side of this change of life event. Many women have little or no discomfort during menopause and seem to breeze through it with no prob…

Android Clones - Pros and Cons of China Phones

Many private companies lately especially in China, Thailand is illegally copying original phones including logo, packaging, cables, battery, labels etc, most of those phone are made by using MTK or MediaTek chip as a base, then they just cover it with a casing identical to the original phone with the corresponding LCD screen and buttons and voila you got an android clone.

Why I prefer to call it android clones is because 99% of these clone phones are running android if not all of them, and most copied companies are Apple and Samsung.

Comparing the low price of the cloned phones to the price of the original phones it's a winner, but coming to the quality of products the Chinese clones are pretty good but not as good as the original, below is a list of pros and cons of Android clones.


Cheap, from $60-$300.Identical to the original.Most have a nice HD screen.Hard to tell the difference.Running on android.Can fit original covers and accessories.
Cons: Most is low quality.Specs are…