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What's so funny about menopause?

If you are a woman who is currently experiencing menopause or who has achieved completion of this life changing event, you may or may not be able to see the humorous side of menopause. Your partner may also have issues with the topic; it all depends on your experiences and your outlook on the situation. Some women take advantage of the opportunity to get through the difficult issues that can arise with a positive outlook that playfully pokes at what could otherwise be a brief stent with misery. What's so funny about menopause? We have some ideas to share, but we're also sure that you could come up with more of your own.
Your attitude shapes your perspective

For some women, having a great attitude towards menopause is easier than for others. To begin, if you're a happy person that has a great sense of humor, you are more apt to see the funny side of this change of life event. Many women have little or no discomfort during menopause and seem to breeze through it with no problems. There are others, however, who experience a variety of uncomfortable symptoms that can include mood swings and depression. Not the best situation for inducing humor. It's hard to laugh when you're feeling anxious, depressed or in physical pain.
How to use humor to ease stress and discomfort?

By learning to laugh more and see the humorous side of menopause, you will help yourself and will most likely be better able to handle anything that comes your way. For example, some women experience a level of bladder incontinence during menopause. This is because a lack of estrogen has contributed to weakening of the supporting muscles and ligaments that hold the bladder in its optimal position.
Laughing, coughing and sneezing can cause mild to moderate leaking. There are two ways to look at the situation. Either you can bemoan your misery or chance falling deeper into despair or you can see the humor as many women do, and learn to laugh about it. We say that this is a good way to handle it, but make sure that it is while you are actively pursuing the recommended remedies that can alleviate the condition. Often, women find themselves discussing their symptoms and laughing together about the humorous aspects of leakage, hot flashes and mood swings.
This healthy approach to handling menopause can be effective in building camaraderie or realizing that you're not alone, and easing the stress and embarrassment that can result from pesky symptoms. Laughing and humor can increase levels of serotonin, which are the body's natural feel good chemicals. By adopting a more lighthearted and humorous attitude towards menopause, you may actually be taking strides in elevating your moods and restoring a better hormonal balance in your body.

What can be funny about menopause?
Your own sense of humor can guide you to the things that present the funniest situations. For example, when you can't tell the difference between a sauna room that is too hot or a hot flash. You may find humor in the fact that vaginal atrophy has shrunken your vagina and your husband thinks that he has gotten bigger. These are just a few examples of how you can take a more novel look at the situations that arise from menopause. You may find that it's even better when shared with close friends who have had similar experiences. Instead of taking the stance that misery loves company and sharing gruesome tales of anguish and grief, you could point out some of the funny things that you've experienced and begin to look at menopause in a different light.
So, what's so funny about menopause? The answer to the question is that if you can find humor in it, practically all aspects of the situation can present a reason to smile and laugh. Perhaps not at the time that you are enduring discomfort, or feeling bad, but when you begin to feel some relief, most of the symptoms can be turned into a lighter instead of dark event. It's similar to tripping and taking a fall. At the time a person is falling, there is concern for physical comfort and their well-being. When the coast is clear that all is well, people have a tendency to reflect upon the slow motion version of the event and find reason to laugh. Menopause need be no different. So laugh it up and see the brighter side of menopause.
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