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How to Decrypt Files Encrypted by Crypto Virus (Cryptolocker Cryptowall & others)

I have faced this virus when a friend of mine asked for assistant, he does work in an oil services company and they have their shared files compromised by a Cryptolocker copycat, which is actually harder than the original known virus.

I will explain why it's harder.

How does the cryptoware or ransom-ware viruses works This viruses does a simple job, it scans your PC for any storage devices included network mapped drives, than it scans them for DOC, PDF and other types of documents, in some cases pictures and videos.
After the scan it start encrypting the files, all of this happens silently without you noticing anything, it uses a key to encrypt your files, and sends that key to the creator of the virus, than the virus shows you a page that asks you for payment within 48 hours or the key will be deleted and you will never get your files back.
In exchange for the key to get your files back you pay an amount usually around $600.

Isn't that cool? It was cool when the first gang c…

How to Access Satellite Internet for Free

Before you start, please note that sniffing data is highly illegal, and the below is a tutorial so you understand how it works, there is no other reference in English that goes in depth except this page, therefore you need to link back in case you used this content on any medium.
I held no responsibility what so ever if you use the below in other purposes that is not educational or testing.

For a long time satellite internet is the right solution for people in remote locations, such as forests, desert, islands and more deep far locations.

Even after the huge expansion of internet to most of the inhabited remote locations there are still people who uses satellite internet for different reasons, as it cannot be disrupted by your government, it is portable, just take your dish and decoder with you to your new home as long as the satellite you subscribed in is covering your new area as well.

Now about free access to this internet, it's around you everywhere, all you need is the right …