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How to Access Satellite Internet for Free

Before you start, please note that sniffing data is highly illegal, and the below is a tutorial so you understand how it works, there is no other reference in English that goes in depth except this page, therefore you need to link back in case you used this content on any medium.
I held no responsibility what so ever if you use the below in other purposes that is not educational or testing.

For a long time satellite internet is the right solution for people in remote locations, such as forests, desert, islands and more deep far locations.

Even after the huge expansion of internet to most of the inhabited remote locations there are still people who uses satellite internet for different reasons, as it cannot be disrupted by your government, it is portable, just take your dish and decoder with you to your new home as long as the satellite you subscribed in is covering your new area as well.

Now about free access to this internet, it's around you everywhere, all you need is the right equipment and software to do it, let me first explain how it works.

Paid 2 Way Connections
A subscriber pays the telecom company that owns channels on the satellite that is able to send and receive internet, he will need a decoder and a satellite antenna that is able to send and receive  + a dish "You can't get this for free".

1 Way Connection
A subscriber pays the company and he must have another provider for the up link, he will need a decoder and a satellite antenna that can receive "Any normal LNB" and a dish of course.
"you can get it cheaper than the first one but not for free".

Offline Mode
Intercepting data, or lets say sniffing data from the sky, you will be able to watch and download whatever subscribers to 2 or 1 way connections is downloading or watching.
One bad thing tho is you cannot send data because you are not a real paying subscriber.
basically when a subscriber requests a youtube video the satelite will broadcast it in the whole coverage area, anyone within that area can get the file with the right software that is able to decrypt the data and turns it into an FLV file.

What do you need to sniff satellite connections

  1. A satellite antenna and dish, size of the dish depends on the satellite you want to sniff on.
  2. A PC card, one compatible card is Technisat skystar 2 which I prefer the most.
  3. Streamreader.dll for your skystar 2, it's basically the protocol driver that turns streams into readable data such as binary and ASCII files "Videos, documents, pages, torrents, iso files ... Everything" it comes with the skygrabber on point 4 below.
  4. A sniffing software "for beginners go for Skygrabber".

Now all you need is to position your dish to one of the satellites that have data streams, fireup sky grabber and start sniffing the sky, there is a big chance of getting full games etc, but that is considered illegal on most parts of the world.

A list of data frequencies & PIDS on common satellites at north Africa and parts of Asia:

#Astra 1G 31.5
#T├╝rksat 2A/3A at 42.0°E*@ UydunetSky DVB-S2
#Raduga Internet*Intelsat 904-60°E*
#Intelsat 904-60°E (S-S2
#LTT*Intelsat 901
#*DVB-S*Skylogic*Atlantic Bird 1*
#SkyDSL*Eutelsat 33A*
#*Eutelsat W3A*OpenSky*
#*Eutelsat W3A*
#*Eutelsat W3A*AT&T-E-Works-Monitoring*
Eutelsat W3A 7.0E
Internet , Multicast , SkyDSL
| DVB-S/MPEG-2 | 10721 | Ver | 27500 | 3/4
Intelsat 904 @ 60° East
Raduga Internet , RuSat
| DVB-S2/8PSK | 11149 | Ver | 26667 | 3/4
| DVB-S2/8PSK | 11527 | Ver | 5300 | 5/6
Raduga Internet
| DVB-S/MPEG-2 | 11595 | Ver | 29270 | 7/8
Eutelsat 12 West 12.5°W
| DVB-S/MPEG-2 | 11407 | Ver | 27500 | 3/4
Pids : 2304,2305,2306,2308,2309,2311,2312,2316,2320,2322, 2325,2326,2327,2330
2331,2332,2335,2404,2405,2406, 2407,8186
Atlantic Bird3 5°w
PIDs:4137,4144,4146,4147,4149,4150,4152,4153,4160,4161, 4162

Other software that can be used for offline downloads:

  • Skynet DSL "Common on Russia, Turkey, Iran, North Africa" I think Russian made.
  • Manna "No idea where it came from but I think a modded version of skynet".
    "No screenshot".
  • SkyGrabber.

    "SkyGrabber is a low-cost application that can help you tune a satellite dish for the best reception of satellite internet service or television programming--but is capable of far more than just that. The program, used in conjunction with a satellite receiver card and a dish, can save television shows and/or any files transmitted from the satellite, in a kind of continuous data-slurping mode." PC WORLD
  • Fishsat.
If you have any questions leave a comment.


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