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Remove MyStartSearch Permanently From Any Browser

This is how I managed to remove MyStartSearch home page and search engine from all of my browsers, manual removal was able to remove the search etc, and I cannot find which program to uninstall or where it came from.

Here is how to get rid of this annoying adware, simple using mystartsearch removal tool.

Before you start save all of your work because your PC will restart afterwords, also bookmark this page in case you want to get back to it after restarting for reference or commenting.
Download AwdCleaner  (It's not another malware and it's totally free and I am not advertising it on any way).Hit the search and let it finish depends on your disk size, it took 5 mins on my 750GB laptop.Hit clean and it will delete all malware ( you wont believe how much adware/malware I had you can check my report below ).Your machine will restart and give you a report like mine below afterwords. Enjoy getting rid of that ugly page, and leave a comment and share with your friends to fight this b…

The Real Color of The Dress - Blue & Black or Gold & White ? Solved

The picture below of a pretty dress have different views depends on the viewer some see it white and gold, some see it blue and black, but what is the real color of it?

The real color is black and blue, but why some see it gold and white is because of the shiny background, the viewer assumes it's white and gold but a little bit of dark because the sun is behind of it, but others can see the real picture which is black that is turning a little bit goldish because of the sun, and of course dark blue.

The real picture without the sun effect is below, why this didn't happen before? seems like this is the first picture ever that stands in the 0 point between what the human mind might see on a picture, even tho this cannot happen in real life, it happens on a static picture with a 1d view only.