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Top Cute Cat Selfies of All Time

Websites like Omegle and Chatroulette

There is more then just Omegle and Chatroulette
Chatroulette and Omegle are the most famous random chat websites and I mean meeting strangers and talking to them, someone that you don't know and wont meet again, and in many cases that stranger becomes your friend, and may be your love.

and I found a few of them, websites full of people that are looking to meet anyone to talk to or have fun or meet or simply just to share thoughts, whatever you need the websites for here is a list.

TOP 5 Omegle Like Websites List:Like Omegle
A very nice website where you can chat with girls and guys while being able to choose your gender and which gender you wanna chat to, it also support auto find next in case of being skipped.
Tinychat have lot of chat rooms and also gives the option to create new rooms and implement them on your profile or website. 6rounds is an interactive online environment, offering users a variety of experiences that they enjo…

Indigo Children and Adults

Who are Indigo Children
Indigo children or adults are people with special brain powers and talents, for example the ability to handle tasks without focusing or detecting people lies or expecting what's going to happen next, Indigo children or adults can sense your fear, can read your mind and do a lot of other unusual things that makes them special, it's said that those children are different because of genetics, and their numbers are increasing each yeah, mostly 3% of people born at 70s 80s and 90s are the indigos of 2011-2070 or something, but that's not all, it's said that the indigos of today is a sign of human race in the future, as all people will convert into these 2 new genes responsible for the increase of IQ.

Documentary About Indigo And Crystal Children How to know that I am Indigo Child or Indigo Adult
The following are typical characteristics of the Indigo children, teens or adult Indigos:
·highly intuitive – can be telepathic and show extrasensory capabi…

Best Free Games Like Minecraft

A List Of Games Like Minecraft
Minecraft is by far the best ever game of it's type, first it have few glitches, bigger more random generated maps, unique idea of crafting, and pretty nice fun when played online, or even solo.

But if you still need games that are like Minecraft for any reason, here is the list, I decided to make this page as a reference so please if you know about more games comment them down and I will add them.


This game is the one that inspired Minecraft in the first place.


A minecraft clone game, it's nice and have lot of features.


2d changeable world, a multi player game, and of crappy graphics.

Haven & Hearth

Very nice mmorpg with many mining, crafting and building and but seriously I don't know how to signup on it, may be you need to register trough the forum.

Stranded II

Very nice survival game, no breaking tho or building tho.

Fortress Craft

Very nice game so bad it&#…

How Bitcoin Botnet Mining Works

Distributing Bitcoin miner using RAT Botnet
Botnet could be a RAT (remote administration tool) that the hacker spread over the internet by encrypting it and making it FUD (Fully Undetectable) by anti viruses, he can later bind it with any crack or software, and it will become a danger treat, that's why people should not download Crack/keygen or any related applications, for the sake of not only the economy but their security.

A Bitcoin miner is a small command line application that use your processor or GPU to generate Bitcoin hashes then send them to the hacker or a mining pool, a mining pool is a tiny network for the mining bots to join force and generate hashes in a mass form.

After the hacker or the botmaster spread his botnets or trojans over the the internet, getting hundreds of victims (zombie computer) he will later order them all to download and run the Bitcoin mining application passing his username and password for his pool, the victim machines will start generating ha…

Reaver For Windows Download - WPS WIFI Hacking

If you are looking for a Reaver version for Windows, the legend software that can hack any wifi what have WPS enabled no matter what is the encryption level or method, you have come to the right place.

Let me get this straight, if you are on windows you don't even need reaper, there is a free alternative to reaver for windows that can do the same job in one click, if you want it just check out my tutorial and download page on how to hack wps wifi in less than 1 minute without reaver.

I doubt you would need reaper pro after reading my tutorial but if you still want to download reaper pro it wont be free, you will need to pay the developers $75.00.

Please remember that the sole purpose of any tutorials on  this website related to security is for educational purposes and is directed to security professionals and users with technical knowldge, or ordinary users interested in protecting their privacy, any other use such as using tutorials in hacking people and breaching their privy is…

Is Safe and Anonymous

Websites like are handy when it comes to quick access to any onion domain aka darknet, deepweb and hidden web, however by using this websites you are giving the chance to the proxy server which is on this case tor2web or tor2web alternatives to it to log your IP and what exact domains within the TOR network you have browsed and for how long, also what files you have downloaded.

In other words nothing beats the real deal using TOR and or TOR browser bundle complete package where you can become also a rely and help the network while being anonymous "Kind of".

Read the below from onions wiki at reddit.
Are sites like and safe? Sites such as and will allow you to access Tor hidden services (.onion sites) with out using Tor itself. While this can be handy it is generally not advised as the people operating and will know what .onion sites you accessed and what your IP address is. If they keep logs, or were …

Websites Like Tor2Web - Faster Alternatives

Tor2web is a proxy that connects the normal internet protocol with hidden services or TOR network protocol, in other words instead of downloading TOR and using it to access onion domains you can just use tor2web as a proxy to access onion domains, tor2web is just a website that runs TOR service within its server, you don't need software other than your regular browser to use it.

To make things simple it's a proxy that access any hidden website "Onion domain" and forward it to you.

Tor2web website is very slow lately and just gives an error "Tor2web Error: Generic Error (500)" most of the time as seen below, in other words error 500 means there is something wrong with the server.

So here is the best faster alternatives to Tor2web that wont let you down, they are based at the same coding the open source tor2web, but have less users and faster connections, enjoy.

Tor2web proxy alternatives for accessing TOR hidden deep web websites aka darknet If you don't…

Access The Deepweb on a Chromebook Aka Darknet or Tor Network

So far there is no direct support to run applications such as TOR on a chromebook but accessing the darknet is not impossible, if you are not the kind that likes installing linux on a chrome book and you want to access from the Chrome OS it self, and it happens that you have an android phone or having it laying around, there is a simple trick, all you need is TORBOT on your android devices and a proxy application for Google play and you will use your phone as a gateway to the darknet, deepwep or tor network for your chrome book, read the full tutorial here.

Other solution would be installing linux such as ubuntu on your Chromebook, which will of course kill the point of buying a chromebook, you could have just bought a cheap laptop instead and have that done if not already included.

Native support for TOR on chromebook chrome os devices is not yet implemented, and even the TOR plugin for chrome is not the binary that will get you connected, it's just a toggle to switch your proxy …

Nintendo DS Emulator for Windows Tablets RT 8 & 8.1

Playing in your windows tablet was a fantasy but today you can have it even on Windows RT, why is that? because DS emulators for windows 8 lack virtual touch support.

Well for the touch support of the dual screen that would work, problem is hardware keys and turning them into touch controls.
For the DS emulator you can use any stable out there like DeSmuMETo run DS emulator on RT devices which doesn't support desktop applications head to my tutorial onhow to get any desktop application to work on windows 8 RT.
I have been developing a virtual joystick for Windows tablets but somehow I can't get it to direct input into DS emulator, so instead I found a developer on XDA which doing a similar project and though to make a tutorial where you can customize the keys and use them on your own for any emulator out there.
Head here and download the virtual joystick for windows tablets.
My personal recommendation would be using a real Blutooth gamepad, or simply PS3 controller with your t…

Run Desktop Applications on Windows 8 RT Tablet

You can get any windows desktop application on your Windows RT tablet if you follow the below steps, it wont take more than 5 minutes for an average user, so lets keep it short and simple instead of stuffing this page with useless words.

You will need first to download winows RT jailbreak tool from here.Extract all files.Run runExpoit.bat and choose to jailbreak.Follow on screen instructions.Enjoy! Here is another method if you fail to run applications (Some wont work because of your processor, if it's ARM based I can't guarantee which applications would work).

Tor Browser For Windows 8 RT & 8.1 Tablets

If you own a windows 8 RT tablet or device you still can get tor browser bundle and enjoy anonymous surfing or darknet onion links exploration.

Microsoft blocked x86 apps on windows RT but read below on how to allow normal x86 desktop applications on windows RT and get TOR browser bundle afterwards to run or any other program.

Download RT jailbreak tool.Run the tool as administrator.Restart.Download TOR browser bundle.Install it.Enjoy. For more information read on how to run any windows x86 desktop application on Windows RT
Yes as simple as that, now you have TOR browser running on your Windows RT tablet and other programs you always wanted.
If you have a windows 8.1 or windows 8 pro tablet which comes with desktop applications support, just go on and download TOR browser as your tablet is a full PC, there is no Metro version and wont be since the normal version works pretty well now, you can just put TOR as a proxy setting on the windows explorer that already comes with your tablet a…

Tor Onion Working Links 2015 - Darknet aka Deep Web

Here is the updated list of TOR sites, again I did not check every individual site and I held no responsibility of what is inside, this page is just a reference for educational purposes, this post is a response to visitors asking for a new updated list of the older one "Working Links List To Darknet Aka Deep Web .Onion sites" which is still useful too.

This list will be updated during 2015

If you don't know "how to access onion domains read my tutorial here".

I cleaned the most I can, also I don't recommend doing any financial actions or interaction inside the darknet, it's a bad place full of fraud so I recommend only checking for research or educational purposes ONLY, please report to me any links that have abuse or anything illegal as the content might change anytime, leave it on comments using Google+ or contact me on the contact page and I will get the link deleted, thank you.

March 2015 finds
 - Anonymous textboard on…

Free Space On Windows 8.1 Tablet Internal Storage

Many tablets nowadays comes with Windows 8.1 pre-installed, and I mean a complete computer on your hands not the Windows 8 RT ARM based ones "without win32 desktop applications support".

If you happen to have a windows 8.1 tablet there is a big chance that it have a small internal storage, SSD or others, 16gb tablets and 32 tablets are common to have a low space problem.
Here is some tips on how I solved my own low space problems, if you do all of the below steps there is a chance of freeing up to 8GB of space on your C: drive.
Move paging file to external storagePaging file is a space on your internal storage or SSD that works as ram, usually it's a file the same size as your ram, so if your tablet have 1GB of ram the paging file will be the same.
You will be using external media to have your paging file, if your remove that USB or SD your machine will freeze, but don't worry if you happen to lose it your system will boot without it and automatically create a temp p…

A Guide To HPP and Your Food

Have you heard of HPP? If you are in the food processing business, perhaps you have, but otherwise the chances are slim. However, if you care about the food you are eating, and you want to make sure that everything is being done to ensure that it is always fresh and keeps its flavor, then you will want to learn about HPP. Lucky for you, we have compiled a quick guide to help answer some of the most basic questions. What Is HPP? - HPP stands for High Pressure Processing. There area  few other names for it as well, including Bridgemanization and Pascalization (named for French scientist Blaise Pascal). HPP is a method for preserving food by introducing it to a high amount of pressure. Through this process the food becomes sterilized, making it safer for storing and transportation. HPP inactivates some of the microorganisms found inside our foods, such as yeast, mold and other bacterias. By “turning off” these microorganisms, your food can be stored longer without it going bad, ensuring t…

Hacking Music - Songs & Tracks Hackers Listens To

Hackers as any other person needs motivation while hacking or simply doing the things they love to do, programming, design, collecting data etc, if you think hacking is fun think again, it depends on the situation, a hacker might be a person who is obsessed of exploiting hardware of antennas and creating better longer range ones, might be a person who steal bank accounts "That sound more like a long trip of guilt than fun to me", now about the antennas guy, that sounds like fun! and for that fun to stay permanent and avoid getting bored he needs also motivation, that's when hacking music take part, most of the time composed by hackers, remember that game trainer or crack you have downloaded "Don't worry big brother seen you, don't do it again", you might notice that most of them comes with chiptune songs.

Lets be short here hackers as any person they listen to anything comes in mind but most of the pros out there listens to these categories.