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Hacking Music - Songs & Tracks Hackers Listens To

Hackers as any other person needs motivation while hacking or simply doing the things they love to do, programming, design, collecting data etc, if you think hacking is fun think again, it depends on the situation, a hacker might be a person who is obsessed of exploiting hardware of antennas and creating better longer range ones, might be a person who steal bank accounts "That sound more like a long trip of guilt than fun to me", now about the antennas guy, that sounds like fun! and for that fun to stay permanent and avoid getting bored he needs also motivation, that's when hacking music take part, most of the time composed by hackers, remember that game trainer or crack you have downloaded "Don't worry big brother seen you, don't do it again", you might notice that most of them comes with chiptune songs.

Lets be short here hackers as any person they listen to anything comes in mind but most of the pros out there listens to these categories.
  • Techno.
  • Vocaloid.
  • Electronic.
  • Chiptune.
  • 8Bit music.
  • Dubstep.
  • Tracks from games.
  • Tracks from movies.
  • Japanese Rock/Pop, Anime etc.
  • Various kinds of rock music.
You tell me if I missed something.

As a personal favorite "I am just a programmer/developer don't get the wrong idea here", I love listening to this while working, or for example writing this post.

If you are a hacker or a wanna-be, seriously you don't need me to tell you what to listen to, being a hacker is meant to be a private thing that you only knows, so your music, unless you are one of those white hats pretending to be the good guys, ah they suck badly, there is no white, black grey a person is a person, it's something about the inner self, however good luck convincing those rich guys that they need you and sucking their money out, what they actually need is faith.

So go out there and search for you hacking songs and music also share your personal favorite below!

Update: My new favorite


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