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How To Get Mega Absol Stone in Pokemon X & Y

By link auditore
Here is a simple guide on How To Get Mega Absol Stone "Absolite" in Pokemon X & Y for the Nintendo 3DS & 3DS XL, lets check Mega Absol stats:

Type: Dark
Ability: Magic Bounce


Mega Absol

Base Stats: 
HP: 65
Attack: 150
Defense: 60
Sp Attack: 115
Sp Defense: 60
Speed: 115


Base Stats: 
HP: 65
Attack: 130
Defense: 60
Sp.Atk: 75
Sp.Def: 60

Speed: 75

How and where to get Mega absol stone "Absolite" it:
After defeating the Elite Four you will be given this Mega Stone in Kiloude City.

Video Guide:


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