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Top 6 Real Life Anime Girls That You Must See

Here is a list of top 6 real life anime girls including pictures with and without makeup or plastic surgery for some but not all that are pretty cool for some, disturbing for others and most important no Photoshop involved, you will be the judge of this creepy new cosmetic style.

Number 6: Anastasiya Shpagina

Ukrainian 19 years old at the moment Anastasiya Shpagina made a chaos around the web with her posing of her pictures, sometimes with friends, she uses make up and huge eye contacts.

 Anastasiya Shpagina Without Make Up:

Number 5: KotaKoti

Kotakoti, strated trending at 16 years old, Kotakoti real name is Dakota Rose, have many stories around the web that is not confirmed to be real or rumors, also have a famous youtube channel that you can simply find by searching youtube for Kotakoti, where at times also teaches how to do anime makeup, I guess, her makeup is lightweight and less creepy than others and sounds more like how real life anime should be if they live.

KotaKoti Without Makeup

No newer pics, sounds like an old one but does the trick for now.

Number 4: Valeria Lukyanova

The Human barbie, human barbie real name is Valeria Lukyanova, born at 1985 at Tiraspol, Moldova, got a lot of buzz around the web, news and even newspaper for being the only human barbie out there, but she took it a little extreme with too much plastic surgeries that transformed her permanently to what you see now.

Valeria Lukyanova Before Plastic Surgery

Number 3: Wang Jia Yun

Wang Jiayun, Born in honk kong at 1993, number one searched name in her country's local search engine, if you are wondering about Wang Jiayun name in Chinese this is it 王嘉韻, if you can't read it I don't care, I can't too anyway, and if you can, I really don't care you are the one that knows Chinese, gratz buddy.

Wang Jiayun Without Makeup

Pretty old pic but does the trick.

Number 2: Alodia Gosiengfiao

I could never spell that, but anyway she is born in 1988 at Quezon City, Philippines, Alodia Gosiengfiao is also a singer and actress, also called the cosplay queen!.

Alodia Gosiengfiao Without Makeup

Number 1: Japanese Cosplayers all of them

The original culture in Japan, all Japanese cosplayers since it's the country known for best anime ever, I will leave you with pictures of anime girls that never got the chance or the luck to get famous as the ones on top, maybe a little famous, I don't know their names so you can just search Google by image to know more information, but that beats the point here, well of course because this is what they all normally do in Japan "Dressing up like anime" so for them it's nothing special.



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